Understanding How To Use Lead Magnets Effectively

Email marketing is perhaps the most important topic there is when it comes to running a profitable digital business. It doesn’t matter which niche of business you’re in or what your specific goals are for business, you need to have a great and responsive email list.

Of course, it’s tough to get people onto that list in the first place. When you first started email marketing, maybe you were really excited about the idea. You probably used what I like to refer to as the Field Of Dreams Optin Strategy, “if  I put up a squeeze page, people will sign up for my list…” right?

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Well, you probably quickly figured out that’s not how it works. People won’t sign up for your list just because you want them to. They won’t sign up for your list just because they see your opt-in form or squeeze page. They aren’t going to sign up for your list even if they love you and what you have to say.

Pretty depressing, isn’t it? You know you have good stuff and make great products and recommendations. So, why won’t people join your list?

You have to think about it from other people’s perspective. Put yourself in their shoes. Do you like getting a ton of marketing emails every day? Of course you don’t. You really only want to hear from those who interest you.

So, What Exactly Is A Lead Magnet?

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Email marketers have burned you in the past. That’s made you even more hesitant to just hand your email address out. You have to really want something to sign up to an email list.

That, right there, is the key. You have to really want something or you won’t sign up. There has to be some sort of incentive there. The same is true for the people you want to sign up for your list.

Give them an incentive and they’ll sign up. It has to be something so enticing and exciting that they would otherwise pay for it.

It has to be… magnetic.

That’s a lead magnet. If you want to get more people to join your email list, it’s important to come up with a great lead magnet that people will be excited to sign up for.

They’ll see your lead magnet on your squeeze page or your opt-in form and they’ll get so excited that they happily and quickly hand over their email address. That’s what you’re going for.

So now it’s time to figure out what your lead magnet should be and get it ready.

A Lead Magnet Should Be Simple

One of the things your lead magnet should be is simple and effective. Don’t over complicate things. There should be nothing confusing at all about your lead magnet or the text that’s designed to get people to sign up for your lead magnet.

It should be easy to understand the value. It should be easy to sign up.

Make sure your squeeze page and/or opt-in form are uncluttered and uncomplicated. Simplify… and entice.

mohamed_hassan / Pixabay

A Lead Magnet Should Be Very Specific

Make sure your lead magnet is really specific. Consider offering one solution to one problem people in the niche have. You don’t want a lead magnet that’s general or tries to cover too much.

Really spell out exactly what people can expect to receive. You wouldn’t say something like, “sign up to learn more about Internet marketing.”

That’s not specific at all! People are going to click away. It’s not at all magnetic.

“3 little-known ways to get 3 offline clients by the end of the day…guaranteed” is a lot more specific and enticing. This is perfect for an IM crowd that’s interested in starting a business as an offline marketing consultant.

Now get started on your lead magnet.

Creating Effective Lead Magnets For Email Marketing was originally published on Adrenaline Digital Marketing

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