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Making A Personal Connection With Video

One of your main goals with a great sales letter is to capture people’s attention and make a personal connection with them. You want them to feel like you’re talking directly to them.

That can be hard to do with text, though you can try with stories, bits and pieces about you and your struggle, and by detailing the struggle they’re going through.

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It’s easier to make a connection through video. People can hear your voice and see you talking. There’s more than one way to create a video sales letter, of course. You can create a “talking head” video where you talk directly to the camera. You can create one using PowerPoint/slides, using a narration, etc.

Online sales are often harder to come by than person-to-person sales because they lack the same kind of connection. Video is a great way to make that personal connection through the web.

Choosing The Type Of Video You Want To Create

Hopefully, you can now see that video sales letters are a fantastic option for most online businesses.

Now, let’s figure out which type of video you should create and/or whether or not you’ll be able to do it yourself.

You can get as complicated with this as you want to. If you’re just starting out, you want to make this as simple as you can.

I recommend you create a PowerPoint video featuring your top benefits.  Make the PowerPoint slides as you normally would. Give yourself between 1 minute and 4 minutes or so worth of content, if you’re also using a full text sales letter.

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Save the slides as a video and add a voiceover narration. You can do all of this within PowerPoint (or one of the free alternatives, whatever it is you’re using).

That’s just about as easy as it gets. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve ever done this before or not; it’s quite simple to figure out.

Remember— focus on drawing people in with your video. Emphasize the benefits. Talk to them as  you would one of your friends.

Another option is to use your webcam or phone to film a simple talking head video. Speak directly to your audience.

You’ll probably want to talk up your product earlier than you would with a text option. People are busy and generally prefer videos that get to the point quickly.

Not to say that there are not plenty of marketers who use longer sales videos. Some even take the controls away from the user so they can’t speed up, rewind, or any of that. This can be annoying, but it’s hard to deny that it does work for certain kinds of marketers running certain types of campaigns.

A Sample Video Script

There’s no one-size-fits-all “script” for a video sales letter. It depends entirely on your audience, what you’re selling, and things like that.

However, I know how hard it can be to get started on something when you’re not entirely sure about it. So, here’s a sample script you might use as a starting point for creating your own VSL (video sales letter).

Introduction: Start by speaking/showing a “headline” that’s going to draw people in. Introduce yourself.

Problem: Introduce the problem your target audience has. Those who are watching the video should feel that they are, very specifically, the target audience. Like you’re speaking directly to them.

Story: Share a short bit of your story and how you understand what they’re going through. Detail a bit of the hero’s journey and hint at the solution.

Benefits: In addition to having spelled out the main benefit you’re addressing via the headline and introduction, list some bullet point benefits you’ll cover within the product.

Product: Introduce the product as the solution they’ve been looking for.

Offer: Introduce the offer—make it one they can’t refuse.

video image
geralt / Pixabay

Test Different Things

Get started creating your video sales letter today. As time goes by and you gain confidence, you might want to test longer and shorter versions. You might want to test without a long form sales letter and with a long form sales letter.

Use Video Sales Letters To Sell More

Now’s the time to get started with this. Creating a video sales letter is a lot easier than you might have thought, and it really can help your conversions.

Test it out. Add a video sales letter component to an existing sales letter. Or, replace a previous sales letter with a video sales letter. Or, split test both options.

Video sales letters can be extremely smart, easy to implement, and can help you earn more money. Don’t be intimidated by the process – get started with it today and you could potentially earn more from your products.

Creating Your First Video Sales Letter was originally published on Adrenaline Digital Marketing


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